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Hiroshima Rapid Transit

2-12-1 Choraku-ji, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture 〒731-0143
TEL 082-830-3111
FAX 082-830-3114
URL http://astramline.co.jp/

Overview of Operations

In response to the rapid population increase in Hiroshima’s northwestern district and greater demands placed on the existing transport infrastructure, the decision to introduce a new transport system in the city was formalized in 1986, with the aim of improving the transport network in Hiroshima’s urban areas, as well as improving efficiency. In 1987, the third sector company that would oversee construction and operation of the line, Hiroshima Rapid Transit Corporation was founded. On August 20 1994, the 18.4km Astram Line from Hondori Station to Koiki Koen-mae Station opened, and on March 14 2015, with the opening of Shin-Hakushima Station, transfer to the Japan Rail Sanyo Line became possible. The line is comprised of 1.9km of subway track through central Hiroshima, and 16.5km of elevated track through the city suburbs.

The pet name for the line was decided upon a public vote, and is a portmanteau of the Japanese word for tomorrow ‘asu’, and ‘tram’, creating ‘Astram Line'. The name evokes the ideas of traveling ever onwards to ‘tomorrow’, the line extending into the future, and the wish for a future of peace.

In the foremost and rearmost carriages, designated wheelchair spaces are available, whilst every station is fitted with elevators, wheelchair-accessible toilets, tactile paving, as well as braille signage on handrails. In addition, the gap between trains and the platform has been reduced to the narrowest possible, in order to ensure safety.

Route Map

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For enquiries about train schedules, fares, and lost property:  082-228-2364 (Prefectural Office, Station Plaza)

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