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Saitama Railway

12 Misono 4-chome, Midori-ku, Saitama, Saitama Prefecture 〒336-0967
TEL 048-878-6845
FAX 048-878-6848
URL http://www.s-rail.co.jp/english/index.php

Overview of Operations

Saitama Rapid Railway’s Saitama Stadium Line was planned to improve access in the southern districts of the city where some locations were not well served by existing rail services. In 1992 the third sector operator, Saitama Railway was established. Work on the line began in July 1995, and the service started operation in March 2001. The line runs into the Tokyo Metro Namboku (North-South) Line at the Akabane-Iwabuchi Station, as well as connecting with the Tokyu Meguro Line through to Hiyoshi Station.

In order to improve the convenience of the railway, all stations on the line are fitted with elevators and escalators, as well as accessible toilets and braille interfaces on ticket machines. Furthermore, due to use of one-man operated trains, all station platforms are fitted with moveable platform barriers to ensure passenger safety. Urawa-Misono Station is the closest station to the Saitama Stadium where the 2002 World Cup Games were held.

Route Map

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General enquiries:  048-878-6845 (General Affairs Department, General Affairs Section)

For queries about lost property:  048-878-5184 (Lost Property Center)

For information about disabled access:  048-878-6864 (Engineering Department)

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