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Hokuso Railway

2-3 Shin-Kamagaya 4-chome, Kamagaya, Chiba Prefecture 〒273-0107
TEL 047-446-3751
FAX 047-445-1907
URL https://www.hokuso-railway.co.jp/en/

Overview of Operations

In response to growing housing demands in the Tokyo area, the plan to establish Chiba New Town in Chiba Prefecture was announced. To serve this new town, The Toei Asakusa Line would be extended from Keisei-Takasa Station to Komuro Station in Funabashi. The Hokuso Railway Development Corporation was established to oversee the planned extension. As part of the development of Chiba New Town, the rail project was given priority, and in March 1979, the line from Kita-Hatsutomi Station to Komuro was opened, supplemented by the Shin-Keisei Line with through-services to Matsudo Station. In 1984, 5 years after operation commenced, the route was expanded from Komuro to Chiba New Town Chuo Station. Then, in 1991 the long awaited connection with the line from Keisei-Takasa to Shin-Kamagaya was completed – tapping into the network of the Keisei, Toei Asakusa, and Keikyu Lines. In 1992, direct connections towards Matsudo Station were discontinued with the opening of the Shin-Keisei Line from Shin-Kamagaya Station. The 0.8km route from Shin-Kamagaya to Kita-Hatsutomi was also closed.

In 1995 the line between Chiba New Town Chuo and Inzai-Makinohama Station was opened, and in 2000 services between Inzai-Makinohama and Inba-Nihon-Idai Station began running. In 2004, the Hokuso Railway Development Corporation changed its name to its current iteration: the Hokuso Railway Corporation. 2010 saw the opening of the long awaited Narita Sky Access Line. The transfer provides direct links with Narita Airport in Chiba, greatly improving access to the airport.

The administrative principles of the Keisei Group are centered around providing high quality products and services to ensure customer satisfaction, as well as guaranteeing safety and comfort. Their daily administration of their rail services embodies these principles and their commitment to providing safety and peace of mind to customers.

Hokuso Spring Festival/The event has been held since 1996 as a way of showing appreciation to rail passengers. PR campaigns coinciding with the event often feature advertising along rail lines, as well as special performances on the day. Commemorative railway merchandise is also available to purchase.

Route Map

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Enquiries about rail and station services: 047-445-7161 (Transportation Department)

For queries about lost property: 047-703-3040 (Lost Property Center)

General enquiries: 047-445-1902 (Planning Office)

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