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Green Line (Yokohama City Transportation Bureau)

A new transportation network was born in Yokohama, with full of comfort and functionality

"Linear Metro" ,strong against steep slope is also running in Yokohama.
The Yokohama city planned a circular railway line, aimed at the formation of the rail network to support the development of balanced city limits, connecting with the radically extending railways in Yokohama.
As part of Yokohama circular railway, the Green Line extends 13km with 10 stations from Hiyoshi station of the Tokyu Toyoko Line to Nakayama station of JR Yokohama line through Kohoku New Town. Journey time is about 21 minutes.
In addition to traffic convenience of built-up area of the northern region and Kohoku New Town, we promote the formation of a comfortable and convenient railway network for civilian life,

●Train set:4 cars

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