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Kaigann Line (Kobe City Transportation Bureau)

Realization of the new Kobe with full of charm ...
" Linear Metro " adds to the affluent life of citizens

The "linear Metro " Kaigan line , runs the southern region of Chuo , Hyogo and Nagata Wards , which have supported the economy of Kobe 130 years since the opening of Kobe Port. In 1989 the Inner city Comprehensive Development Master Plan was formulated in order to activate the regions and promote a new urban development by introducing various urban development projects in Kobe . Among them, the construction of subway Kaigan line was regarded as the most important project. As a result, the research has coducted on the characteristics of the area such as conditions of the line alignment, traffic demand, and studying the performance of linear metros being operated in Osaka and Tokyo. Finally we decided to adopt linear metro which has a lot of advantages.
The line is 7.9km long with 10 stations running between Shin-Nagata and Sannomiya-hanadokeimae . Journey time on the line is about15 minutes.

●Train set:4 cars

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