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Tozai Line (Sendai Transportation Bureau)

The Linear Metro Supports Sendai’s New Urban Development

In order to prevent over reliance on personal automobile transport in Sendai, and to promote more integrated, accessible urban development supported by an orbital transport system, the Tozai (East-West) Subway Line was established. The Tozai Line runs from near Yagiyama Zoological Park, through Aobayama – home to Tohoku University, through central Sendai, to the financial center in the Tobu district. The tunnels on this linear motor powered subway line are only two-thirds the size of the Namboku (North-South) Line in terms of diameter. Other benefits include reduced construction costs, the ability to handle tighter corners, and improved ascending and descending capabilities. Due to the hilly terrain along the Tozai line, the technology is perfectly suited to the local conditions. In December 2015 the 13.9km line from Yagiyama Zoological Park Station to Arai Station opened. The Tozai and Namboku Lines, which represent an important part of Sendai’s transportation network, together form a cross, linking north and south, east and west.

● Carriage length: foremost carriage, 16m
● Carriage width: 2.49m
● Carriage width: 2.49m
● Number of carriages per service: 4

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