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Nanakuma line (Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau)

Looking ahead in the 21st century, Fukuoka City will accelerate the foot of the citizen by "Linear Metro"

Development of the southwestern part of Fukuoka City is remarkable in recent years which accounts for about 40 percent of the city population and the linear subway Nanakuma line has debuted as the foot of the citizens of this region. Linear metro was employed as the rout is often steep and suitable for coping with future demand.
The construction started in December 1996 and the section between Hashimoto and Tenjin Minami, 12km with 16-stations opened in February 2005.
As a result of the opening of Nanakuma line, traffic congestion of surrounding roads has been eased and access time was reduced. Fukuoka City in the 21st century will be a more convenient city.

●Train set:4 cars

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